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52901 3 Piece Oval Mixing Bowl Set - White Villeroy & Boch Porcelain Dinnerware - 50 Piece Twist Alea Limone
52901 3 Piece Oval Mixing Bowl Set - White Villeroy & Boch Porcelain Dinnerware - 50 Piece Twist Alea Limone
Teh best deals on GSI 9.75-green Cascadian Plate Pfaltzgraff - Hoan - Asian Bamboo Chopsticks, Set/4
Teh best deals on GSI 9.75-green Cascadian Plate Pfaltzgraff - Hoan - Asian Bamboo Chopsticks, Set/4

Japanese Sushi Presentation Kits

Sushi is an English word that has come to refer to a complete dish with rice and toppings. Sushi is perhaps the most famous Japanese food in the world. In Japanese gastronomy, sushi indicates dishes that use sushi rice, which is seasoned with a sweet vinegar mixture. The original term Japanese: ?? sushi (-zushi in some compounds such as makizushi), written in kanji, means snack and refers to rice, but not fish or other toppings. As Japan is surrounded by ocean, seafood has always been widely consumed as well as rice.

Sushi Making Kits, Appliances & Presentations

Famous globally as a first rate Japanese dish sushi comprises of rice rolls with toppings. Raw fish and rice are main ingredients with the vinegar laced rice commonly topped with ingredients like fish, seafood and other ingredients to be turned into rolls.

Types of Japanese Sushi - The variety in sushi comes from the different fillings, toppings, condiments, and the way ingredients are put together. Assembled in traditional or even contemporary style it’s the final result that counts. Common types of sushi are - Nigirizushi, Makizushi, Oshizushi, Inarizushi, Sukeroku, Chirashizushi and Narezushi among other variations.

Making Japanese Sushi – Being both delicious and healthy Sushi remains a favorite with food lovers. The one downside being the expense involved for a full sushi dinner at a restaurant. Making sushi at home is a doable option and really easy. Just pay attention to three points - color, flavor and texture.

Japanese Sushi Presentation Served in minimalist Japanese-style on geometric, mono or duo tone wood or lacquer plates the aesthetics of the cuisine are essential.  Make it appear vibrant and interesting. Place red tuna by yellow omelet or next to green avocado or cucumber.  Be creative but the overriding rule remains simplicity.
Japanese Sushi Making Kit

Japanese Sushi Making Kit- contains all the basic ingredients with detailed recipe book to allow you to make a variety of delicious and exotic sushi. All you provide are fresh ingredients for filling like avocado, crabmeat, fresh cucumber, shrimp, or whatever you like. All ingredients in sushi making kits are selected for their superior quality to assure satisfying adventures into the world of sushi making.

Japanese Sushi Making Appliances – Since most of us not adept sushi chefs, we need all the help we can get to make it. Look for great products to get you making sushi fast and easy. Rice Cookers, Electric Fans, Deep Fryers, Water Heaters, Vegetable Cutters & Mandolins, Vegetable Steamers and even Chopsticks and Tea Kettles add to the feasting in style.


Types of Sushi Rice
: Your complete guide to the key ingredient needed to create a variety of sushi variations. But know all about the kind of rice you will need for the best results. 

The Sushi Knife: Japanese kitchen knives are true to form. Made of high quality, lightweight steel they allow for comfortable movements making quick, incisive single cuts ensuring eye-catching sections.

Sushi Trivia – Etiquette affirms that traditionally sushi is eaten with the fingers. Since sushi rice is packed loosely so as to fall apart in one's mouth, just pick up rolls deftly with your fingers. Commonly eaten with condiments, they are dipped in soy sauce often flavored with wasabi that adds a piquant taste.
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